Senior Core Engine Programmer

Permanent employee, Full-time · Amsterdam

As a Senior Core Engine Programmer you will join our Core Engine Technology group where your expertise and experience will be focused primarily on the core engine and low level systems. Take personal responsibility for the system design, including evaluating and implementing solutions while detecting issues and meeting requirements. Investigate and develop processes and workflows for the core engine. 


  • In collaboration with peers, design software, identify problems, determine best solutions, evaluate existing or implement custom solutions. 
  • Adopt a breath-first development approach: design for scalability, implement iterative.
  • Develop Data-Oriented opposed to Object Oriented.
  • Strive to design software for scalability.
  • Produce platform independent code.
  • Use and expand the system libraries for our proprietary ECS-based engine.
  • Implement new systems for a highly data-driven, simulation-based, open-world, sandbox project.
  • Performance and memory optimization.
  • Write maintainable and robust code that will be used for many years to come.
  • Highly motivated to work with new and emerging technologies.
  • Extensive professional programming experience. 
  • Advanced proficiency in C/C++.
  • Understanding of scalable software design and architectures (DOD, ECS).
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Solid understanding of mathematics.
  • Experience integrating / adapting 3rd party technologies.
  • Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English. 
  • Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Being able to well organise and prepare your own tasks.
  • Participate in meetings for planning, problem solving and knowledge transfer.
  • Have self motivated and autodidactic properties.
  • Experience developing for multiple platforms.
  • Additional programming/scripting languages like Python.
  • Experience with GPGPU. 
  • Console experience.
  • Practical experience using a variety of modern technologies and tools.
Amsterdam or Remote (within similar time zone)
About us
At PLAYERUNKNOWN Productions we believe in a flexible work environment driven by honesty and transparency, empowering both developers and researchers to build the tools that can form the foundation of a new generation of interactive worlds. We are a passionate team of committed individuals from all over the world, working towards building the kind of experience that is only now becoming possible. We believe that the longstanding dream of a massive, immersive world where players are free to do whatever they want is closer than ever before, and we believe that we can make it happen.

PLAYERUNKNOWN Productions is an independent development studio based in Amsterdam, focused on creating massive sandbox worlds. Our multi-disciplinary team is using an array of new and emerging technologies to push the envelope of what is possible with open worlds in gaming. Our goal is to build deep, systemic playgrounds on a planetary scale, populated by thousands of players.

MELBA Team is PLAYERUNKNOWN Productions’ applied research division. Project Melba is a new simulation engine being built from the ground up, utilizing data-driven design, multi-core processing and machine learning at its foundation in order to power virtual worlds on a scale beyond the capabilities of current technology.


Building a world
Join our group of talented and passionate people from all over the world working towards building the future of gaming. 

Going Dutch
We go by the Dutch law and start with a 12-month contract with the intent to offer a permanent contract afterwards. 

Relocation funds
If you are not living in the Netherlands yet, we will support, you and your close ones during the relocation process.

Convenient location & commuting allowance
Our centrally located office is easy to get to from any part of the Netherlands, and we will reimburse you for train or bike commute. 

Comprehensive benefits
We provide a contribution to your health insurance and pension as well as a work from home allowance - we got you covered! 

Flexible Schedule
Once it is safe to do so, you are free to work and hang out with us every day in our Amsterdam Studio. If you prefer to work from home, you can take advantage of two work-from-home days a week.

All you can eat
No need to worry about drinks, snacks, and lunch, all of which we provide in our studio. Burger Fridays in our canteen come highly recommended but you will also find a lot of vegetarian options!

You will have 25 days off and 3 extra studio days off throughout the year. You can also celebrate your birthday with an extra day off! 


Benefits differ per country.


If there is anything you would like to know before hitting the "APPLY" button you can always reach out to our Recruiter.

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